Choosing Between Open and Closed Headphones

If you are in the market for a new headphone, then you will be thinking that you are going to want to make the best choice that is out there in your price range. The thing about headphones is that the choices that you have are not always clear. And sometimes you have to figure out what type of headphone you will want to get, before you can go with specific models. For instance, we get a lot of people asking us whether they should be going with a pair of headphones that is open or closed.

The question is a good one. Even though when you look at them from afar, you would not see too many differences between open and closed headphones. They look the same, as they are the bigger headphones that you will put on your head. But when you are plugging them in and you start to play music, you will notice a big difference. With the closed headphones, you cannot hear anything at all. But with the open headphones, you can clearly hear the music that is being played, especially at a louder volume. In fact, you would almost think those open headphones are very bad speakers!

This is the decision that you have to make. With the open headphones, you get a much clearer and crisper sound, and a much better soundstage. You are just going to feel as though you are present in the place where the music is being made, especially if you close your eyes and really get into the song. But you are leaking sound, which means you can never use those headphones in a public space or if someone else is in the room and they do not want to get disturbed. So you have to think about where you will use those headphones before you decide about open vs. closed!